I work ONE-ON-ONE with leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, managing directors, with everyone who manages and leads others, communicates with a team and at the same time is still a personality with potential for growth, bigger game, work-life balance and life fulfilment. I coach in English.

Management is doing something right, leadership is doing the right thing.


Corporate business coaching

Leaders help create quality teams and business coaches help create quality leaders.

Coaching for corporations and organizations is coaching addressed to internal corporate environment. According to the client’s preference it is tailor-made for the coachee (manager, leader, head of team ...).

We focus on improving competences – personal, strategic, managerial and social. Within individual corporate coaching we focus on improving self-confidence, creativity, performance and effectiveness, on finding new ideas and sources of energy.

An individual coaching plan provides the coachee with an in-depth analysis in line with the organization’s needs and subsequent setting of goals.

Today, people work from beliefs.

Business coaching helps to:

  • Improve leader’s performance and consequently whole team’s performance
  • Improve relationships at work and atmosphere in team
  • Develop human resources (inner sources, potential)
  • Activate own internal corporate coaching
  • Manage changes
  • Accelerate corporate development
  • Provide leader with special benefit

Business coaching is investment into future.

Executive coaching for female managers

An investment in a manager skilled in executive management is an investment into successful business. Women are natural leaders, businesses flourish under their quality leadership.

They often face demanding and also unique challenges related with their work-life balance.

I will be happy to guide you on your journey to find authentic management strategy, professional self-confidence also with regards to your other life roles.

Together we will support your potential for growth, transform actual challenges into possibilities and focus on your natural management style, career development and personal mastery.

The fact is that coaching women in management positions, in business, coaching businesswoman, gives them the space to rethink and optimize policy in business, overcome limiting prejudices about female leaders.

Coaching will not only help you to deliver better performance, increase your self-confidence and self-awareness but also overall well-being at workplace and in life in general.


Coaching for your team, tailor-made for you and your team – key employees. We focus on needed skills. On team cooperation, effective communication, motivation, conflict solving, looking for solutions so that your key employees, in a short time, can dynamically update needed skills according to your expectations and my recommendations. Education and coaching of key employees, managers.

Of course, you can choose pure coaching with topics as Basics of coaching skills for managers and look for the answers for unsolved issues or how to get from repeated problems.


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It is no-obligation meeting to help me determine where you are. You don´t need to prepare in any way, I just expect transparency on your part.