About me

Business coach, lector, mentor, businesswoman, head of a large team and franchisor.

I wake up in the morning with energy and most importantly with a desire to fulfil my life. I am motivated by people who don’t give up, are creative, active and witty. I have many talented and inspiring persons around me who know the art of living.

I am motivated by people who don’t give up,

creative, active and witty.

About me

Doctorate in clinical psychology, entrepreneur and manager with 20 years of leadership experience in business.

Graduate of many skills trainings and later an independent soft skills trainer.

(Communication and negotiation skills, presentation skills, leadership and its styles, stress management and time management, personal development).

Founder and owner of franchise network in the field of language and soft skills, on the Slovak market since 2003, currently also in Czech Republic.  

I prefer to support the companies, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, leaders, dynamic team members, medical staff and businessmen. Together we work on work dilemmas, personal effectiveness and finding meaning in your life position. Although manager is an important player, role model, referee, mentor and mediator, he or she is still a person who manages his or her inner struggles, work tasks and unexpected challenges in harmony with his or her reality and, most importantly, possesses life energy.

While working with clients, I use my certified knowledge and experience in business coaching, integrative coaching based on the principle of polarities and systemic constellations and dynamics.

In my private life, I am an optimist, "cheerleader", mom of two kids, wife of a psychologist and HR specialist in IT. I am enthusiastic about healthy lifestyle and sports, social events, travelling and hiking. I relax actively and my feeling of freedom in combination with already mentioned inspires me for new projects.